Think BIG!

Oh yeah baby, I’m very good at that.

I can think SOOOOOO big and far beyond what I’ve done before.

But that’s kinda the point of a big goal.

They’re way out there – for the challenge, for the adventure for flexing your inner-strength muscle, your commitment muscle, your determination muscle, your self-belief muscle.

If I think it, then maybe it’s possible?

When I say it, then I commit to its possibility.

When I take action, it is possible!

Think Big, Then Do.

Last Friday I did an interview with Denny Krahe, a.k.a. DIZ, for his podcast Diz runs with: running, life, & everything in between.

Here’s the link ( will also work)

We talked about all things running and in particular how I set big goals, write about them, truly connect with them and then set bigger ones to make the initial one seem less big … yeah funny ol thing my brain 🙂

We talked about how being a newby runner can be daunting but WE ALL started somewhere.

About the adventures and experiences running has given me so far and yeah we talked about my next THINK BIG challenge

63 marathons in 63 days … my little jolly jog through BRITAIN :-).

If running’s your thang, then have a listen to my interview and the other interviews on Diz runs with: running, life & everything in between.


Oooh I do love a good adventure x