You learn quite a bit about yourself, others, love, business, life when you push yourself, challenge your boundaries and open your mind to adventuring beyond your comfort zones.

It is both a privilege and a pleasure that I get to share my stories of extraordinary adventures in a way that helps, encourages and inspires others to go chasing their extraordinary too.

Big Kid's Talks

It’s never to late, you’re never too old, and you are capable of much more than you ever thought when you understand, focus on and harness the “things” you have inside you. You can call them traits or characteristics, I call them my super powers!

I talk about how my adventures of chasing extraordinary – experiencing highs and lows, crossing finish lines and failing to finish, running for fun and pushing myself to the brink – has brought back my confidence, my daring, my business, my passion and my purpose.

School Kids Talks

I’ve had some pretty cool adventures running in some far off lands as well as running around towns, villages, or entire countries a little more closer to home.

Along the way I’ve been lucky enough to visit many Primary Schools and talk to students about my excitement of adventure, the challenge of putting adventures together, how I cope when things don’t go quite to plan, the animals I meet along the way and mainly about my love of running. 

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