Look what I'm doing at school!

I’m hoping that as you have landed on this page, that your child has told you all about what they are doing at school!

If they haven’t, let me tell you a little more – they’ve been running their little socks off at school whilst completing a virtual running adventure.  I’ll explain …

In 2017 I ran 63 marathons in 63 days and visited over 30 primary schools as I ran all around the UK.  At the end, I was asked if there was any way students could get more involved with my adventures … and so we made it happen. 

In 2018 I ran around Ireland, and created a virtual event for primary school students to join me.  

The goal – help kids stay motivated and have fun with exercise and put some context to the miles that they cover at school building teamwork, togetherness as well as celebrating personal development and accomplishment.

There’s a downloadable colouring-in map of Ireland and a booklet for freehand drawing or writing of their experience.  Please feel free to download and if your happy to share, I’d love to share anything we get sent back. 

This is roughly the route I took in 2018, and its the 750 mile route the kids will follow, taking in some of the epic landmarks that Ireland has to offer.

While I ran, my support crew (Sharif) drove my little green Beetle with all our stuff in it – it was quite an adventure!

Worksheet download

Why not download the map to colour in or if you want an extra workbook to do at home you can get one here!  

Simply click the images to download the file and enjoy 🙂

Upload your child's drawings

I’d really love to see what your child has done in the Run Around Ireland workbook that they have been given, so if you could take a picture of it and upload it below, then I hope to put them into a gallery that I can showcase