Run Around Ireland Press Release

51 year old mum to Run Around Ireland

51 year old mum, Nikki Love, is getting ready for her next running adventure, to run 750 miles around Ireland in aid of The 401 Foundation and to encourage primary school pupils to get active.

Nikki Love completed a gruelling 63 marathons in 63 days between 27th August 2017 and 28th October 2017. This running adventure took her on a journey all over the UK from John O’Groats to Land’s End, St David’s to Folkestone, finishing off in Leicester.

During her 63 marathons, Nikki visited more than 20 primary schools giving talks on goals, ambitions and self-belief and then encouraged the students to run a short way with her.

Wanting to continue to encourage and inspire school children to take pride in their achievements, Nikki decided to continue her long distance adventures and running Ireland seemed to be the next logical step! As part of this adventure Nikki has included a virtual element so that primary schools, and individuals, can join her from wherever they are in the world.

“Running is such a great way to see a place and a great way to meet people. I’m very excited about our schools program and virtual run … lots of people can join me on this adventure”.

Starting Friday 21st September 2018 in Belfast, Nikki will circumnavigate her way around the country passing through towns and major cities including Londonderry (Derry), Sligo, Galway, Limerick, Dingle, Killarney, Cork, Waterford, Dublin and back to Belfast.

Nikki’s concept for primary school involvement will see each school build teams of 25 to 30 students who will run for 15 minutes a day for 5 weeks. Their team mileage will be uploaded
to the app and their team icon will follow Nikki as she makes her way around the country.

“I am not an elite athlete, I am just someone who loves running – it is all about having a positive mindset”.

Running is something that is very close to her heart and has turned to the sport many times in her life in helping her to overcome various difficulties. With an appreciation for the benefits that come from conquering adversity through attaining a sense of accomplishment in something that she loves, Nikki aspires to empower others to do the same with their own lives; using running as a tool for positivity in all walks of life, regardless of background or disadvantages.

Nikki wants others to get involved in her challenge with the aim of reaching 75,000 virtual miles and raising as much money as she can for charity. Whether you run, walk, run/walk or run/dance (something Nikki likes to do), this is a great opportunity to be involved in a running adventure.

Taking in some of the most spectacular sights of Ireland, Nikki is running to raise money for the charity The 401 Foundation.

“I’m so pleased and proud to be partnering with the 401 Foundation to raise money and promote their ideals. I truly believe in The 401 Foundation’s mission – to support small grass root projects, and individuals to build confidence and self-esteem, tackle mental health and self-development issues.”

With her plans to take on running more countries in the future, the pure ambition and determination born out of a love of adventure means that Nikki’s ultimate dream goal of ‘running around the world’ is well on its way to being achieved.

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PR & Project Lead
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