The Next Generation of Vibration Training and Recovery

I regularly use a Pulseroll foam roller after running to aid my recovery, as you’ll know if you follow my social media posts! And they are ideal to take with me on the road for any of my running adventures ๐Ÿ™‚

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The vibrating foam roller can be used during your warm up for softening the muscle tissue, cooling down after a workout and to massage various parts of the body. Using the unique combination of pressure and vibration it will help loosen your muscles, increase blood flow and flush away lactic acid. The vibrating foam roller is a super-versatile piece of exercise equipment that offers many benefits similar to a sports massage. It can be used in the gym, home or rehabilitation clinic to improve a personโ€™s flexibility, balance and core muscle strength. Through continued use you will notice an increase range of motion and flexibility and will increase your circulation.


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