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Running 63 marathons in 63 days in your 50th year seemed a little crazy to most, but maybe a ‘little dash of crazy’ was what it was going to take.

This is the tale of how turning 50 became the catalyst for a woman to reunite with her ambitious, give-it-a-go self.

With a plan to run 63 marathons in 63 iconic locations throughout the UK, Nikki soon learned that plans don’t always to to plan, and that being adaptable, remaining committed to the big picture and relying more on a dogged-determination than conventional running skills would be key.

Nikki share the highs, the lows, the raw emotion, the sheer hard work and commitment needed as well as her vulnerable side as she tells the story of the places she visits, the people she meets, the many obstacles she overcomes and the lessons she learns as she runs a marathon a day for 63 days through the scenic landscape of Scotland, England and Wales.

This is the first of ‘Nikki’s Chasing Extraordinary Adventures’ series, stay tuned for her next tale of where her feet take her, the things she sees and the people she meets along the way

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4 reviews for Personalised signed copy of “With a little dash of crazy”

  1. Tamsin

    You’ve really captured it all. I love how you’ve weaved stories and memories throughout it, described characters and situations and all the time sounding like you rather than like you writing a book.

    It’s really funny and very readable. It really did make me laugh and cry and made me want to keep reading. It’s both inspirational and interesting. What more could you want from a book?

  2. Ruth

    I enjoyed it so much! You’re a very instinctive writer, and your idiolect (the way you speak and your mannerisms) comes through really strongly, it’s really endearing. I could read it in your voice. I totally cried at the end. On a side-note to the amazing running adventure, I thought your honest portrayal of the peri-menopause and of your personal struggles was equally – if not more – inspiring to me as a youngish woman. People aren’t often brave enough to discuss that stuff, so I’d like to extend a personal thank you.

  3. Steph (verified owner)

    Loved the book, and your total honesty about the lows, the inevitable tummy troubles and self-doubt… as a 50 year old wanna be adventurer it’s truly inspirational and shows that middle-aged women are still more than capable of extraordinary and epic challenges!

    I love the format- one marathon per chapter, making it an easy book to pick up and dip into, although I found that once I started reading I couldn’t put it down. I must admit to having something in my eye when you finished! An inspirational read

  4. Graham

    I think the first book to actually make me cry. I’ve always tried to portray a true aspect to my training showing that it isnt all nice. You did that with such aplomb though. It was almost as if we’d just sat and chatted instead of me reading. Loved it.

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