To show that it’s never too late and never too old to chase goals and dreams.

To inspire the next generation of primary school kids to chase their extraordinary and not to worry about time and distance but to fall in love with running (100 schools will participate in the virtual challenge).


I’ll be running from Perth to Sydney, a distance of approx. 4,000km, starting on the 1st August 2019, Cottesloe Beach, Perth and finishing 2nd October 2019, Bondi Beach, Sydney.

I’m attempting to set a Guinness World record, which currently stands at 67 days (male). The fastest known time for a woman is 96 days.

Our “Love Running Adventures” schools program encourages primary school children to run “with” me across Australia, running a mile
a day and recording their progress as a school team on a wall map that we provide to each school.


I’ll be running approximately 63km a day for 63 days, living out of a van and relying on the kindness of strangers when offered.

To fund the adventure, I’m selling my house and moving to live in a van. The adventure is estimated to cost £30,000.

Costs, such as flights, food etc., will be paid for by herself and with the support of key brands such as National Running Show, Go Faster Food, Kymira Sport, meaning all public donations will go to charity.

Schools participating in the “Love Running Adventures” program will receive a support pack including wall map to record their progress, booklets for every pupil, and progress stickers.

We’ll be recording the entirety of the run on camera and tracking devices, as well as obtaining witness statements, to verify the record with Guinness.