‘Look back with pride, look forward with confidence’ … was one of the many motivational quotes I used to keep me going during my 63 marathons in 63 days.

Yesterday was my one year anniversary of Day One of my 63 marathons in 63 days adventure #63in63.

John O’Groats, Scotland was the setting.

For many, many months leading up to the date of Sunday 27th August, 2017 I had written almost daily in my journal about my adventure. I wrote from a position of having completed it. I ran 63 marathons in 63 days was on nearly every page of my journal. It was my way of building my inner confidence that I was capable of completing such a mammoth challenge.

There’s a science behind it, but to paraphrase, “what the eye sees, the mind believes”. Writing in the past tense, my mind believed it had already achieved 63 marathons, now it was time for my body to catch up.

I had the pleasure of being joined by Simon @johnogroatsbrewery who ran his very first ever marathon with me ??.

As well as making sure I got through my first day, keeping Simon going was also high on my agenda. When it got tough – as marathons tend to do – keeping Simon’s confidence and belief that he could do this, drove me on.

As the distance clicked over on my gps’s (I was carrying 4, just for good measure) … 42kms, 42.1kms, and finally 42.2kms, I raised my hands in the air and Simon dropped to the ground.  He had made it! There were tears of joy, of amazement, of a little bit of pain, but mainly of pride as the realisation that he had actually ran the full distance of a marathon sunk in.

For me, it was the perfect first day. Marathon one – Done! First newbie marathon runner to join me – Done!

I also had the pleasure of enjoying a post-run @johnogroatsbrewery beer ??

Absolutely ace!!!! The both of them ?.

I’m going to share more of the words/quotes/sayings/lyrics that helped me keep going Day after day.

This running lark … it’s as much physical as it is mental ??‍♀️?

?: courtesy of ‘the coffee fairy’ otherwise known as @sharifowadally .
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