International Women’s Day and the upcoming Mother’s Days are strange ones to me.  I understand that for some, it is important to have a day to be acknowledged or appreciated. I used to be that person.

When I was younger I waited to be acknowledged, appreciated, loved. I eagerly and sometimes desperately sought it from others.

Don’t get me wrong I still love receiving the love, but …

It took me a very long time (honestly, this concept didn’t really sink in until my late 40’s) to understand that I could provide these things to myself every single day, hour, minute of my life.

When I appreciate me, when I acknowledge me, when I love me, I feel strong, capable, knowledgeable. I know that I can do anything I set my mind too.

As a little girl, l’d dress up and pretend to be a star on a stage.


I now know that my life is my stage and I have always been it’s star ? .

I now dress up everyday … my costume of choice is my shorts and tee’s.

I do my best, I be my best and I star in my life.

I have control of who joins me on my stage. Who has bit parts or major roles and I choose my ongoing script and dance moves.

On International Women’s Day #iwd2018 remember you are the star ⭐️ of your own stage and world.

Shine ? bright today and everyday.

x Nikki