“I am a morning person”, is not something you’ll usually hear from me.  What I normally tell myself and anyone who may ask … “I’m not much of a morning person”. But I know that this is one of many habits that I have created, and if it’s a habit I created, then surely I can create the alternative.

This morning we set the alarm for 6:00am (which is waaaaay early for me) with the aim of going for a run at 6:30am.

As I was getting ready the conversations in my head went something along the lines of:

  • I’m not a morning person.
  • I can’t run in the morning.
  • Maybe I’ll walk this morning.
  • Grrrrr stop talking to me (Sharif was talking to me). Actually, I think I said this conversation out loud 😊.
  • Maybe I should go back to bed and run when I feel more awake.

We got out the door at 6:45am, just a little late, and started to run.  And guess what – my legs did work at that time of the morning. I could run. I have simply created the habit of not getting up early – a habit, if I choose too, I can change, as with all habits, by repetition.

There is a great book “The Power of Neuro-plasticity” by Shad Helmstetter, PH.D, that I have read (many times) about how to rewire your brain.

To paraphrase – you change your brain by the words you use, the thoughts you think and the actions you take, which is basically the habits you create.

These are two of my many highlighted sentences from the book.

“It’s not who you’ve been; it’s who you decide to become.”

“You are everything that is. Your thoughts, your life, your dreams come true. You are everything you choose to be.  You are as unlimited as the endless universe.”

One of the most common questions I’m asked about my adventures is “How do I train for them?”

I obviously talk about the physical side of training – yes, I’ve got to run train to be able to run run.

But I also talk about the mental training I go through. 

One of my tactics (that I share in my book “A How To Guide for Newbie Marathon Runners” ) is to write about my dreams, goals and ambitions – currently, it’s about running 4,000kms across Australia. I write in the past tense. I’ve already completed it. I add this adventure to the list of my already completed adventures.

I ran 7 marathons in 7 days. I ran the JungleUltra. I ran 63 marathons in 63 days. I ran around Malta & Gozo. I ran around Ireland. I ran the DesertUltra. I ran 4,000kms across Australia.  I ran 52 marathons in 52 days across 52 states of the US whilst I was 52 (yep, it’s the next one after the next one 😊).

So I’m going to work on this thought that I am not a morning person, by changing the words I use, the conversations I have in my brain and my daily journaling – I am a morning person, I get up and run and I love it.

I’m currently a grumpy morning person, as Sharif can attest too, but I’ll work on that part later … currently, its baby steps to create lasting habits to achieve my dreams, goals and ambitions.