I am a Big Dreamer!

I’ve been told, more than once, that I’m a big dreamer – as if this was not the right way to go about things.

I don’t know if there’s a right way or a wrong way … What I do know is that this is my way.

I’ve learnt to understand that people have opinions of me, based more on their experiences and beliefs – not necessarily on mine.  It’s therefore up to me to whether I choose to be influenced by them.

What my experiences and beliefs have shown me is that the bigger I dream and the more I believe I can make my dreams reality, the more I achieve.

After my 63 marathons in 63 days adventure I was invited to local primary schools to talk about my adventure.  This experience lead to a suggestion – can the children be more involved in my next adventure.

The Big Dream

When I finally decided on my 2018 big adventure which was to “Run Around Ireland” I knew that this would be a great opportunity to try something out.

Working with the team at Run Around Europe who provided me with the virtual app, I dreamed of inviting Primary schools to join me virtually. They would do their Daily Mile (15 minutes of scheduled run time during the school day).  Then as a class team they’d log their mileage on the virtual app and follow my little running icon around Ireland.

A great plan, but I wanted a bit more … I’m the big dreamer remember!

I put a little booklet together in which I shared my “Super-Powers” that help me achieve the adventures I go on.  You see it’s more than just the ability to move one foot in front of the other in running type styley that keeps me going mile after mile, day after day.  It’s the connection to my goals, it’s my mindset, it’s my super-powers that get me through.

The Big Dream Becomes the Reality

This week I visited Ysgol-Y-Bannau, a Welsh speaking primary school, in Brecon, Wales.

I was totally blown away with the kids. These guys weren’t doing the daily mile so they turned up before school started to get their mile done before the bell.

Not only did they run every day, they also took the booklets I’d given them and converted the text into Welsh and wrote about their experiences of the adventure and what these “Super-Powers” meant to them.


They faced struggles.

It poured on the first day – they showed up. The year 5’s went on a school camp – ran extra in the preceding days to make up for the miles they’d miss.  There were a few minor injuries and illnesses – they turned up anyway and walked, logging as much as they could.

There were doubts – that thought, “I’m not really a runner”, “I’m not sure I can do this” surfaced in a few.  They gave it a go and went out and did their best and their best was all it needed. They were an equally important part of the team that logged 750 miles together.

Oh, and they beat me!!!

I’m pretty sure this contravened Rule No. 1 of the “Nikki Love Runs Ireland” rule book “Rule 1: Nikki wins”  … cheeky little imps 😊

My Big Dream turned out better than I had imagined – and this happens a lot!

I encourage you to let your imagination run wild.  I encourage you to think about the super-powers you have that will help you take action and achieve those big dreams.

I can’t promise that it won’t take a lot of work, a lot of emotions, but I can honestly say from experience that it is totally worth it.

And yes, these are just my opinions, beliefs and experiences.  It is always your choice to think about, be influenced by, and take action on.