Have you got any idea what it’s like to try and beat a world record?
Neither do I, but for some reason this brain has decided that these 50 year old legs are going to give it a go by running …
1651 miles in 63 days?‍♀️
Or 2642 kms if you’re metric ?‍♀️
Or 63 marathons in 63 days for simplicity ?‍♀️
So today marks 63 days until I start my little jog about the UK (August 27th).
I’m starting at John O’Groats, heading to Land’s End, zig zagging my way from coast to coast along the way and I’ll finish up in Leicester.
Simples when you say it like that ????
I get asked all the time ‘how do you train and then do something like that’?
Truthfully, I’m not sure.
For the most part I’m winging it. ??
But I have a plan … to keep chasing extraordinary and never give up.
If you fancy watching along, I’d love your support #63in63
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