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Hey body … How You doin’? Why I love daily stretching

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Flexibility, mobility and agility are as important to your body as the runny styley steps you take …

As a runner, you hold your body in a fairly static position during your run, and as a marathon runner, you hold it in this position for a long time.

I know there’s the camp that says ‘I never stretch’.

Then there’s the camp that says ‘I do it when I remember’.

Personally I’m in the camp that says ‘Stretch every day’.

Now there’s all kinda stretching you can do.

  • Pre-run warm up
  • Post-run cool down
  • Specific body part stretching
  • General daily stretching
  • I’ve been sitting at my computer too long stretching.

Today I’m gonna look at General daily stretching and why I love, love, love this.

Firstly, I’m into creating daily habits that are good for you.

Create the day that creates your success

And creating the habit of doing a 2 minute stretch in the morning and evening is a pretty good habit to create.


It gives you a chance to tune in and listen to your body.  

What do I mean by tune in and listen?

As you conscientiously go through the stretching movements, you’ll notice if an area is a little tighter than usual, perhaps there’s a little niggle here or there.

Most injuries occur from a gradual build up of … a little niggle … and in most cases you simply haven’t listened to the tell-tale hints your body gives out.

Training is all about getting your body honed for the activity you’re about to put it through.

Body awareness will help keep you out there ‘running, laughing, playing’

And to me that’s worth 4 minutes of my day.

Love, Fun and Adventure x

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