I’m a body movement geek. I looooove watching people move.

I love looking out for all the slight adjustments you make – that you often don’t even realise you do.  These little ‘cheats’ or ‘tells’ are how your body hides its weaknesses.

Now running a marathon is of course all about your feet taking every single step of the whole 26.2 miles that takes you from the start to the finish line.

You can run them all.

Maybe walk a few.

Perhaps even skip along for some if you want too 🙂 .

To help keep your feet a runn’n, the key is to keep your body as strong, as balanced and as injury free as possible.

I’m going to help you get one step ahead of yourself and ‘run’ you through (ha ha) a few body movement exercises to see what’s going on so you can deal with any weaknesses before they create injuries.

Knowledge is power!

Print off the PDF below … and let’s get to work.