Hey there my fellow nutcases, I mean lovers of running and doing it loooooong.

If you’re here, then you’ve bought my book and I’d really like to thank you with all of my heart and of course cheer you on as you chase your own extraordinary.

I’ve put a whole lotta ‘stuff to do’ and ‘plans to follow’ into the book, so I figured it would be easiest if I put them into bite size PDF’s that you can download and print off.

The downloads give you a space to write, scribble and doodle, and to tick off your progress as you go along. You’ll also get to see all the photos and lists in all the colours of the rainbow.

You can carry the printable training plans around in your gym bag or back pack and hey if you’re caught short out on a run you can even use it for loo roll (and getting caught out short will probably happen at some point … trust me 🙂 ).

PDF Links

YouTube Links

Websites and App Links

  • To help you work out what your predicted marathon race time is, head to Runners World: http://www.runnersworld.com/tools/race-time-predictor
  • For 180bpm running tracks, take a look at: Spotify https://www.spotify.com/uk/download/other/ or Jog.fm https://jog.fm/
  • To help plan your daily food intake to hit your required protein, fats and carbs targets, head to: https://www.myfitnesspal.com/
  • To set your timings on your workouts (so you too can behave like Pavlov’s Dog), I suggest you purchase a Gymboss http://www.gymboss.com/ or download the app for your smartphone.
  • If you fall in love with running and want to push the extreme, then head to Beyond The Ultimate’s website. If you sign up for an adventure of a lifetime, tell them Nikki sent you http://beyondtheultimate.co.uk/
  • I swear by the use of massage and acupuncture. Whilst I realise Leicester may not be that local for everybody, if you are in the neighbourhood and you are looking for the best therapists around then head over to http://www.townosteo.com/ . Yasin Tayebjee is the man who has kept my body together, and there’s a gal called Nikki Love who (when not running around the world) can sort you out a top sports massage.
  • So whilst I’m a coach, I still need coaching myself – the man who helps me is Shane Benzies from Running Reborn https://runningreborncoaching.wordpress.com/
  • I guess I ought to mention the little website that I’ve got http://www.nikkilove.co.uk/ it’ll tell you where in the world I’m running next.

Recommended Readings

I’ve drawn inspiration from these 3 people and I’d recommend anything they’ve written, but it’s these 3 books that I’ve read many times over:

  • ‘50/50’ by Dean Karnazes
  • ‘Just a little run around the world’ by Rosie Swale Pope, MBE
  • ‘Fear: Our ultimate challenge’ by Sir Ranulph Fiennes

For understanding and improving your brain, I’d recommend:

  • ‘Change your brain, Change your body’ by Dr Daniel G Amen
  • ‘The Power of Neuroplasticity’ by Shad Helmstetter, PH.D.

For times when I’ve wanted help with direction and focus and I’ve needed a gentle a kick up the ass, I recommend:

  • ‘Conversations with God’ by Neale Donald Walsch
  • ‘How to be F*cking Awesome’ by Dan Meredith

For food recipes, my go too books are:

  • ‘Go Faster Food’ by Kate Percy
  • ‘100 High Protein Breakfasts’ by Louise Kang

Exercise Library

Alt butt tapshttps://youtu.be/KXFIZCsVQA4
Alt C-sit tapshttps://youtu.be/U1AfQ93XZQY
Alt knee/straight V-sit uphttps://youtu.be/KXFIZCsVQA4
Alt single leg v-sit upshttps://youtu.be/ZHxzHNEEOWI
Alt toe tap throughhttps://youtu.be/MjYoAfoEwG8
Back raisehttps://youtu.be/ZHxzHNEEOWI
Bear crawl forward/backwardhttps://youtu.be/gc67ri4QDpI
Burpee Push uphttps://youtu.be/y1tcHuDma5g
Cross knee pull inshttps://youtu.be/ZHxzHNEEOWI
Elbows handshttps://youtu.be/y1tcHuDma5g
Elbows handshttps://youtu.be/ZHxzHNEEOWI
Front plankhttps://youtu.be/TZ2H1MAIVUs
Half get uphttps://youtu.be/U1AfQ93XZQY
High knee runninghttps://youtu.be/LGxGD-nHf3A
Knee to elbow holdshttps://youtu.be/MjYoAfoEwG8
Knee V-pull inshttps://youtu.be/U1AfQ93XZQY
Lay downhttps://youtu.be/LGxGD-nHf3A
Laying lat pull downshttps://youtu.be/U1AfQ93XZQY
Lunge jumphttps://youtu.be/jhydfJTEEwg
Navel gazerhttps://youtu.be/jhydfJTEEwg
Push up (half/full)https://youtu.be/hz13hiT5lxQ
Side Lungehttps://youtu.be/jhydfJTEEwg
Side plank reachhttps://youtu.be/MjYoAfoEwG8
Single leg butt taphttps://youtu.be/gc67ri4QDpI
Single leg deadlifthttps://youtu.be/y1tcHuDma5g
Single leg lungehttps://youtu.be/poJkjalJlOI
Single leg push uphttps://youtu.be/jhydfJTEEwg
Single leg side plank taphttps://youtu.be/LGxGD-nHf3A
Single leg side plank tapshttps://youtu.be/KXFIZCsVQA4
Single leg squathttps://youtu.be/gc67ri4QDpI
Single leg tuck jumphttps://youtu.be/gc67ri4QDpI
Skater jumphttps://youtu.be/LGxGD-nHf3A
Snow angelhttps://youtu.be/KXFIZCsVQA4
Square jumphttps://youtu.be/y1tcHuDma5g
Straight leg raisehttps://youtu.be/6uU9iC1UiDA
Y & T Back strengtheninghttps://youtu.be/MjYoAfoEwG8