Aren’t Ultra Runners Tall and Thin

Aren’t ultra-runners tall and thin? Last week I was asked the question “why am in the gym doing weights when I’m a long-distance runner?” They also mentioned that they thought ultra-runners were usually tall and thin. First things first, there was absolutely no malice in the question or comment, the person is honestly amazed at […]

November Colouring-in Competition – Winners

Thanks to all the students for using your colouring-in skills to create such vibrant and creative work, and a special thanks to the parents who sent the drawings in to me. I was once again blown away with the t-shirt designs and hair-do’s. Next year we are going to create some of the t-shirt designs […]

Roll baby roll … foam rolling to warm up, stretch and relax your body

When I mention foam rolling to people I usually get: a quizzical look a grimace or a smiley ‘yeah, I know what you mean, it’s ace’ look I’m in the ‘yeah, I know what you mean, it’s ace’ camp. When you know how to do it, then it feels all sorts of GOOOOOD 🙂 The […]

Are you a Warm Up, Stretch Down kinda runner?

Answer me honestly, do you warm up every time you go for a run? ‘Warming Up’ is all about getting the blood pumping and getting the oxygen delivered to the outer extremities – your arms, legs fingers and tootsies – warming up your muscles ready for action. It’s about getting your body to feel good […]