The Perfect Time To Start Is Now

I’m a firm believer that if you are waiting for THE perfect time to start, then you’ll be waiting for a very long time (maybe forever). And by often throwing myself into the deep end of the adventure paddling pool, I’ve learned that the perfect time to start is the minute you start – you […]

Aren’t Ultra Runners Tall and Thin

Aren’t ultra-runners tall and thin? Last week I was asked the question “why am in the gym doing weights when I’m a long-distance runner?” They also mentioned that they thought ultra-runners were usually tall and thin. First things first, there was absolutely no malice in the question or comment, the person is honestly amazed at […]

November Colouring-in Competition – Winners

Thanks to all the students for using your colouring-in skills to create such vibrant and creative work, and a special thanks to the parents who sent the drawings in to me. I was once again blown away with the t-shirt designs and hair-do’s. Next year we are going to create some of the t-shirt designs […]

October Colouring-in Competition – Winners

WHOOP WHOOP – Our very first colouring competition and we were sooooo excited – well I was, Rufus was taking it all in, in her usual laid-back way. We had so many wonderful colouring-ins submitted 🙌 thank you everyone who entered! It really was a tough job choosing. The t-shirt designs were awesome, we are […]

Treadmill Oz to Treadmill 1000

On the 1st of August I set off on a treadmill adventure to virtually Run Across Oz, but Treadmill Oz soon became Treadmill 1000 when things didn’t quite go to plan. It’s been just over three weeks since I finished my treadmill adventure. The first post-adventure-week was all about the pain of my injured foot […]

An Adventure Runner’s Support Crew’s guide to getting through a lockdown

With everybody having to stay at home, children being off from school, and huge changes to peoples routines, I thought that I would share the experiences from the multi week adventures that Nikki has run and that I planned, crewed, supported, managed, driven, cooked…you get the idea! What we’ve been seeing of late is that […]

Why train fast to run far

Run fast is in the tough basket for me, for the past 3 years I’ve been concentrating on running at a cruising pace that allows me to cover the distance without overstretching myself so that I can get up and repeat the process day after day on my shorter adventures, week after week for my […]

The fun extraordinary adventure of Run Across Australia

You know you can catch a bus? Is what I’ve been told more than once since I started planning my Run across Australia, but where’s the fun, the extraordinary, the adventure in that?  I’ll run thanks. And for my next fun extraordinary adventure run I’m gonna run across Australia. Other comments I’ve had include – […]

Roll baby roll … foam rolling to warm up, stretch and relax your body

When I mention foam rolling to people I usually get: a quizzical look a grimace or a smiley ‘yeah, I know what you mean, it’s ace’ look I’m in the ‘yeah, I know what you mean, it’s ace’ camp. When you know how to do it, then it feels all sorts of GOOOOOD 🙂 The […]

Are you a Warm Up, Stretch Down kinda runner?

Answer me honestly, do you warm up every time you go for a run? ‘Warming Up’ is all about getting the blood pumping and getting the oxygen delivered to the outer extremities – your arms, legs fingers and tootsies – warming up your muscles ready for action. It’s about getting your body to feel good […]