If I could bottle the feeling, the atmosphere, the noise, the smell, the sweat, the pride, the joy, the feeling of absolute SELF of crossing the finish line of a race that has pushed you, that you’ve given everything too, that has hurt, has challenged, has taken you to your physical boundaries, then pushed you beyond and proven that YOU CAN chase your extraordinary …

THAT would be the best perfume I could ever make.

It’s that experience I want to share with you, help you achieve.

It’s the buzz of helping you go after your extraordinary that I’m here for.

Since … well ever since I can remember, I’ve been into moving my body, pushing, training, looking after and loving my body.  I started ballet at the tender age of 4 and it’s been all sorts of incarnations of fitness since then.

My love, my passion, my sanity is now running.

And sharing my knowledge, experience, adventures and love is what I’m here to do for you.