Nikki Love

Who am I?

Hi there. I’m Nikki Love, an adventure-running-writer and encourager of chasing after your own extraordinary goals in life.  I’m here to give it my best, love and laugh to my best, and bring as many people as I can along the way!

Since … well ever since I can remember, I’ve been into moving, training, looking after and loving my own body and mind, and since the age of 19 I’ve been encouraging, inspiring and helping others to do the same. 

My love, passion and sanity is now adventure running.  It’s the wonderment of where can my feet take me, who I’ll meet, and how I can help along the way. 

My goals are simple – share as much knowledge, experience, adventure and love throughout my days through writing, speaking, and adventure running.

I choose to live through these 3 filters …


My latest book is OUT NOW!

The Girl That Loves To Run

“I am me” – I said proudly.
“And I Know That’s Enough.” 
An ordinary girl, trying extraordinary stuff.

Nikki had a great big adventurous dream to run 63 marathons in 63 days throughout the UK. Could it be done? Some thought not, but she believed she could.  With her super-crack-crew of helpers – Rufus the super-dog, Sharif the coffee-fairy, and old Stan the Van – Nikki set off on her extraordinary running adventure to see how far she could run.

A real-life fun adventure story about self-belief and finding personal strengths –
your true super-powers!

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I’ve been visiting schools since 2017 – sharing running tales, taking run sessions, including schools on my running adventures.

My visits to school are FREE – it is part of my ethos and passion to pay it forward.

50+ schools visited
12,000+ students spoken too
26 Free “TGTLTR” books given to schools (so far)

To learn more about what I can do for your school and pupils, click the Schools page link below.


On a mission to see how far my feet can take me, I’ve been running across, around and through many countries including:

63 marathons in 63 days through the UK

Running around Ireland

Running the length of Wales

Running across Netherlands

Run across Australia – Treadmill edition

To read more or find out how you can join me on my next adventure, click the link below and head to the adventure page for more details.

What I do

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Adventure Runner
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As I don’t know when I’ll be starting again, or where I’ll be, if you are interested in running with me please fill out the form and my Team will be in touch when we know what’s what!

Look forward to seeing you soon

Nikki x


 With a Little Dash of Crazy

My new book about my 63 marathons in 63 days adventure is now available in paperback from various outlets, and on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.

I also have a limited number of signed paperback copies that you can have personalised from my shop page.

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Book page coming soon!

Where in the world
will my feet take me...

Unfortunately, during marathon 13 Nikki started getting a severe pain in her right hip.  Anyone that knows Nikki will not be surprised to hear that she did complete the marathon distance, but when we got home I had to carry her to the house as she could not walk.  She got some treatment from our amazing friend Clare Biddle, but the next morning she was still in a great deal of pain.  After a visit to the oesteopath, and then 6 hours in A & E, Nikki still doesn’t know what the issue is (X-rays confirmed that it’s not a break though).  

So, she is currently hobbling around on crutches until we can get her hip and pelvis scanned.

What this does mean though is that the 100 marathon in 100 days has come to an end…for now.  Nikki has every intention of starting again as soon as possible, so hopefully a good diagnosis next week will mean she can get back to her marathons, starting at number 1 again.

I will be sending out emails to anyone that has signed up to run with Nikki, so please keep an eye out for these.  We’re not sure how we will re-schedule everything as this will depend on how long Nikki needs to recover, but we will keep everyone posted.

One last thing.  I want to thank everyone who has run with and supported Nikki so far, and for all the messages of support she has received from people.  It means a great deal to us both, so thank you 🙂

Sharif (on behalf of Nikki, because I do everything!!! 😀 )

Virtual adventures

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Get in touch to take part in one of my school activity programmes!

I’m all about getting children active and believing in themselves, and have a series of school programmes that use my adventures as an aid to doing this.  As well as context to how far they are running, I have a workbook that the children can write down how they feel and their goals, and activity sheets for them to enjoy.

Contact form and more details to be available soon