Where in the World will my feet take me…

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June/July 2020 (start date TBC)

Cottesloe Beach, Perth – Bondi Beach, Sydney

4,000kms in 63 days

Countdown to start!








My next adventure …

I’m heading back to the country I grew up in and going for a little run.

In 2020 I’ll be dipping my tootsies in the Indian Ocean at Cottesloe Beach, Perth then running eastwards to finish with a little toe-dipping in the Pacific Ocean at Bondi Beach, Sydney.  4,000kms (give or take a few) in 63 days.

  • It’s a Guinness World Record attempt.
  • It’s an adventure that school kids from all around the world will join with me virtually.
  • It’s to show that it’s never too late, you’re never too old and no dream is ever to crazy to go chasing.

Should be a hoot!

If you’re wondering What I’m going to do, Why I’m doing it and How I’ll get it done????… simply click the link below

To find out more about the Love Running Adventure Schools Programme, and corporate sponsorship, please click the buttons for information.

Me in a nutshell

I’m here to do my best, be my best, have a blast and bring as many people as I can along for the ride. I’m Chasing Extraordinary!

Since … well ever since I can remember, I’ve been into moving, training, looking after and loving my own body and mind, and since the age of 19 I’ve been encouraging, inspiring and helping others to do the same.  

My love, my passion, my sanity is now adventure running.  It’s the wonderment of where can my feet take me, who I’ll meet, and how I can help along the way.

My goals are simple – share as much knowledge, experience, adventure and love throughout my days through writing, speaking, and social media’ing.

I choose to live through these 3 filters …


Come and join me on my next doozy of an adventure …

Wondering what route Nikki will be taking across Australia?  We’ll be putting the maps up on here as we (Sharif!) does them.  They will be broken down into sections as, it turns out, Australia is pretty big and showing it all wasn’t easy to read!!!

The Route!