Chasing Extraordinary

Maybe it’s for health? Maybe it’s for self-belief? Maybe it’s a little of both?

But to challenge yourself to move your body and cover a distance on your own steam … well that’s an exciting, somewhat exhausting, but oh such an exhilarating experience.

From babies, we learn to crawl, to walk, to run and jump and move about. We fall, we get up again. We keep going until we master the movement and then fast-forward to adult ….

Work, family, life becomes all encompassing.  Finding ‘me time’ gets harder to do.

But there’s something inside of you – a personal goal that you want to achieve.  A thought that …

Maybe I can do that?

You want to find your inner strength – physically and mentally.

You want to get yourself so fit and so strong, that you can run 5km, 10km, 42km, 200km. You can run over obstacles, through rough terrain, under extreme conditions – whatever the world throws at you.

Being able to run fills you with such pride, such accomplishment, such inner joy that it shines out of you, it shines over those around you.

You realise …

I can do anything I put my mind to.